There are several ways to check the speed of your internet connection:

  1. Use an online speed test: There are many websites that offer free internet speed tests. Simply visit one of these websites and follow the prompts to test your download and upload speeds. Some popular options include and
  2. Use a dedicated speed testing app: There are also many apps available for download that allow you to test your internet speed. These apps are available for both mobile devices and desktop computers, and they typically provide more detailed information about your internet connection than online speed tests.
  3. Check your device’s network settings: Most devices have built-in tools that allow you to view your current internet speed. On a desktop computer, you can usually find this information in the Network and Sharing Center or the Network and Internet settings. On a mobile device, you can typically find this information in the Settings app under the Network & Internet or Wi-Fi sections.
  4. Contact your internet service provider (ISP): If you are experiencing slow internet speeds and none of the above methods are providing a satisfactory solution, you may want to contact your ISP to see if there are any issues on their end that could be causing the problem.

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