To change the excerpt length in the GeneratePress theme, you can modify the excerpt_length filter in your theme’s functions.php file. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. In your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Appearance > Theme Editor.
  2. Locate the functions.php file on the right-hand side and click on it to open it.
  3. Add the following code to the bottom of the file:
function custom_excerpt_length( $length ) {
   return 30; // change 30 to the desired excerpt length
add_filter( 'excerpt_length', 'custom_excerpt_length', 999 );

  1. Save the changes to the file.

This code will change the excerpt length to 30 words. You can modify the value of 30 to any other number to set the desired length for your excerpt. Note that the changes may not take effect immediately, so you may need to clear your cache and/or reload the page to see the changes.

Please note that this process assumes you are using the GeneratePress free or pro theme. The exact steps may differ for other themes.

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